Saturday, July 01, 2006

New Job :)

Well my time payed off as a part-time employee at KSL. Now I'm the Sports Editor/ Producer (producing only when the other guys take time off). So things are better as far as money goes.

You know my family told me that my blog sucks becuase it's not about me. I mostly use this to keep up on Journalism skills. You never know. But some even said blogging is worthless and it's just not worth paying attention to bla bla bla.

Here is what I have learned ... there is a differnece to Web journals and Web Reporting. Society has kept them under one word "Blogging" but there is a big differnece.

A true blogger would be a Web Reporter. check, or even that is Web Reporting or what I call Blogging.

What the world views at Blogging would be the stupid Web Journals out there such as this web site. Not that that would be a bad thing. It's good for some people to get things writen down like a regular journal. But it's not the same as someone doing reporting. Web Journalist are now to the internet has TV reporters are to the 10 o'cloack newscast.